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How To Publish A Childrens Book (Single Sessions )
  • How To Publish A Childrens Book (Single Sessions )

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    Monday July 20th  @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 1: Creating Your Idea 

    Led by author & publisher Delicia B. Davis

    Students will create and share story ideas, synopsis, and message for their storybook. 


    Wednesday July 22nd @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 2: Developing Your Idea

    Led by author & publisher, Delicia Davis: Eements of a children’s book

    Guest instructors, authors & illustrators, Avery & Avion:

    The creative process including Selecting an Audience, theme, book style, characters, main character, conflict, embedding a message, capturing the attention of young readers. 


    Monday July 27th @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 3: Writing Your Story

    Led by Delicia Davis

    Students will learn various methods and styles to write and share their stories.  


    Wednesday July 29th @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 4: Artwork and Illustrations

    Guest instructor, Illustrator & Graphic Designer Niaren Bedford. Students learn how to draft artwork and illustrations for their books. 


    Monday August 3rd @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 5: Creating Captivating Titles

    Led by Delicia Davis, students will complete their books by securing a captivating title, cover captions, bios, synopsis/description, and cover art. 


    Wednesday August 5th @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 6: Editing and Copy-Editing 

    Led by Delicia Davis, students will learn how to finalize and edit their storybooks, making it print ready and sellable, via various distribution channels. 


    Monday August 10th @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 7: Protecting Your Intellectual Property

    Guest instructor & Entertainment/Property Attorney, Monica Moran  how to copyright, protect, and legitimize your intellectual property prior to making sales, querying or pitching. 


    Wednesday August 12th @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 8: The Marketplace/How to Market Your Book

    Guest Instructor Melinda Williams/marketing representative from Emmis Communications (HOT 97, WBLS) will teach marketing trade secrets for creating a captivating brand and ongoing promotion surrounding your book. 


    Monday August 17th @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 9: Ways to Sell Your Book

    Led by Delicia Davis, learn and discuss ways to distribute and sell your book. 


    Wednesday August 19 @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 10: Celebrate Your Book

    How to generate a buzz and marketing around your book that will consistently create readers and attention. 

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