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How To Publish A Children's Book (Full Course)
  • How To Publish A Children's Book (Full Course)

    The Afrikan Poetry Theatre, & The Luxe Library presents...

    "How to Publish a Children's Book" 5 week workshop.


    This Summer, award-winning author and publisher, Delicia B. Davis, leads a remarkable workshop for creative artists seeking to start and finish their children’s book ! With hands on activities, expert guest instructors, industry insight, and top notch artists onboard. We are committed to seeing your project through, from setup to sales. Join us this summer for an experience that is sure to turn your candid ideas into a literary work of art!



    Ala Carte': Each Class $18.00

    (For a total of 10 Classes, at a Value of $250.00)

    Full Course: You Pay Special Price of $150.00

    Limited Time Offer


    Session 1

    Monday July 20th @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 1: Creating Your Idea

    Led by author & publisher Delicia B. Davis

    Students will create and share story ideas, synopsis, and message for their storybook.


    Session 2

    Wednesday July 22nd @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 2: Developing Your Idea

    Led by author & publisher, Delicia Davis: Eements of a children’s book

    Guest instructors, authors & illustrators, Avery & Avion:

    The creative process including Selecting an Audience, theme, book style, characters, main character, conflict, embedding a message, capturing the attention of young readers.


    Session 3

    Monday July 27th @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 3: 

    Writing Your Story

    Led by Delicia Davis

    Students will learn various methods and styles to write and share their stories.


    Session 4

    Wednesday July 29th @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 4: Artwork and Illustrations

    Guest instructor, Illustrator & Graphic Designer Niaren Binford.

     Students learn how to draft artwork and illustrations for their books. 



    Monday August 3rd @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 5: Creating Captivating Titles

    Led by Delicia Davis, students will complete their books by securing a captivating title, cover captions, bios, synopsis/description, and cover art.


    Session 6

    Wednesday August 5th @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 6: Editing and Copy-Editing

    Led by Delicia Davis, students will learn how to finalize and edit their storybooks, making it print ready and sellable, via various distribution channels.


    Session 7

    Monday August 10th @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 7: Protecting Your Intellectual Property

    Guest instructor & Entertainment/Property Attorney, Monica Moran 

    copyright, protect and legitimize your intellectual property, prior to making sales, querying or pitching.


    Session 8

    Wednesday August 12th @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 8: The Marketplace/How to Market Your Book

    Guest Instructor Melinda Williams, a marketing representative from Emmis Communications (HOT 97, WBLS), will teach marketing trade secrets for creating a captivating brand,and ongoing promotions surrounding your book.


    Session 9

    Monday August 17th @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 9: Ways to Sell Your Book

    Led by Delicia Davis, learn and discuss ways to distribute and sell your book.


    Session 10

    Wednesday August 19 @ 6pm-8pm

    Session 10: Celebrate Your Book

    How to generate a buzz and marketing around your book that will consistently create readers and attention.


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      $150.00Sale Price